Investment Banking

HSBC Qianhai’s expertise in securities underwriting and sponsoring, ranges from primary equity and debt capital markets, to secondary equity and debt offerings, as well as bespoke structured financing solutions. HSBC Qianhai also offers full corporate advisory services including business valuation, negotiation, pricing and structuring of transactions.

Underwriting and Sponsoring

HSBC Qianhai's holistic approach, bringing together HSBC's global business platform and expertise with Qianhai Financial Holdings' local presence, ensures that we are able to provide innovative cross-border solutions, which satisfy our clients' strategic objectives.

We offer our clients a broad geographic footprint with strong investor relationships in both China as well as developed and key growth economies, backed by HSBC's experienced specialists in over 25 countries around the world. This allows our local coverage teams to leverage the deep sector knowledge of HSBC's in-country teams in the core regional offices. As a result, our capital markets solutions give clients access to a single integrated financing business, focused across each individual company's capital structure requirements.

Debt Capital Markets

For issuers looking to raise funds through fixed income instruments, HSBC Qianhai provides access to China's onshore debt capital markets, which is already one of the largest bond markets in the world. With this, HSBC Qianhai offers issuers the unique benefits of on-the-ground knowledge of local debt market practices and regulation combined with HSBC's award-winning international debt platform. Plus, as one of the world's leading bookrunners of international and domestic bond issues, HSBC gives HSBC Qianhai the ability to deliver detailed, actionable insight alongside access to many of the world's most dynamic and innovative capital markets solutions. In addition, our competitive debt financing solutions range from enterprise and corporate bonds, to hybrid and sustainable bonds and innovative financing solutions.

Equity Capital Markets

Equity capital markets, a vital piece of our holistic financing advisory offering, covers a broad range of products including IPO, follow-on offerings, rights and convertible bonds issues. China's domestic equity market is a rapidly developing area within the government's long-term blueprint. Our capabilities in onshore equity issuance successfully complements HSBC's leading international banking platform, allowing us to deliver the most effective solutions to our clients.

Financial Advisory

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory

HSBC Qianhai offers M&A advisory services to state-owned and privately owned Chinese corporates, financial sponsors and Sovereign Wealth Funds. Our specialists in the M&A team work to help clients achieve further growth and global expansion through both outbound and inbound activities including overseas investments, M&A transactions and corporate restructurings. We also work closely with HSBC's global M&A bankers, sector specialists and financing solutions teams to execute complex cross-border transactions. Foreign corporates who are looking to invest in China, one of the world's largest and fastest growing economies, can also find our domestic knowledge crucial to their decision-making.

HSBC's global M&A business is managed through our experienced M&A bankers located in nearly 30 countries around the world, including some of today's fastest growing emerging markets. To deliver on-the-ground and in-depth sector insights, M&A work is performed by product specialists, usually including bankers based in the relevant country or region, and typically with the input of those that have specific industry expertise.

By leveraging HSBC's global network and M&A business in this way, we are able to connect the platform with China – providing our clients with the relevant and up-to-date market intelligence necessary to help take their M&A ambitions in the right direction for them. The result is a comprehensive, one-stop solution that delivers M&A expertise to Chinese corporates and multinationals combined with access to a full suite of global and domestic financing and risk management products.